Currency remittance

Currency remittance

Currency remittances are payment orders given by the customer to the bank, according to which the bank withdraws money from his deposit and deposits it in the beneficiary’s deposit with one of the brokerage banks inside or outside the country.

Currency remittances are of two types:

Currency remittances issued
This type of remittance is issued upon the request of issuing a foreign currency remittance by the customer and introducing the remittance currency. The bank will issue foreign currency remittances from foreign brokers around the world and domestically in the shortest possible time through the Swift system.

Foreign currency remittances
Payment order is sent to this bank by brokers (foreign and domestic banks) and after receiving the Swift message, it will be announced to the relevant branch as soon as possible and the customer will be able to receive the money. Currently, foreign exchange regulations allow remittance beneficiaries to keep remittance currency in their foreign currency accounts, either sell it to the bank at the current rate, or remit it abroad and convert it to another currency upon request. Receiving remittances in valid currencies It is possible through the Swift system from all over the world in the banking network.

What are the steps for issuing a remittance?
Visit the branch
Currency supply by the customer
Completion of remittance / currency transfer application form
Documents required by natural persons: Original and photocopy of identity card and national card.
Legal entities: The original and image of the registration, legal and identity documents, including the articles of association, company letter, company registration declaration and the original and image of the identity card and national card of the managers and signatories of the company.