About us

About us

Ashkan Ordokhani & Partners Cooperative Company started its activities in 1990 (under the name of Nik Dad Exchange) under the management of Engineer Ashkan Ordokhani.

The company with a ten-year history in providing all kinds of currencies with the lowest rates, making bank transfers with the lowest commission in the fastest possible time, transferring capital, government currency, etc. has been a leader among exchange offices.

The slogan “Always be right with the customer” has been the headline of this company throughout its years of activity and we are proud that during its working period, it has registered a brilliant pros and without even a single problem or dissatisfaction in the Money Changers Association of Iran and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. ام.

Thanks to the management of the collection and the efforts of our colleagues and the trust of the people and our dear customers, we have progressed and we are now providing the best possible customer service.


Company Name Ashkan Ardokhani & Partners Co.
National ID 14006989994
Registration Number 513691
License Number 89423